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Would you like a great Moist Turkey Recipe this Christmas?

moist turkey recipeIf so, have I got a treat for you! A few years ago a friend emailed me what she said was a wonderful-spectacular-moist-turkey recipe, well . . . she was right! We tried it for Christmas last year and got rave reviews. We will be preparing it the same way for Thanksgiving this year and probably again for Christmas. When I prepare it this year I will take some step-by-step pictures to add to this page. I thought I would share it with you.

If you use this recipe, please email us with your feedback Naturally you should have a great Turkey Stuffing Recipe to go along with your turkey. Here is a recipe that has been in the family for years, that you may enjoy!


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Fresh Poultry Herbs for making moist turkeyThe Moist Turkey Recipe

First, have the turkey thawed on the night before you intend to bake it.  Season the Turkey with Salt and Pepper, then stuff it with finely chopped shallots, cloves of fresh garlic, and fresh poultry herbs.  (I found the Fresh Poultry herbs at Walmart last year, they come all together in a plastic container that hangs on a rack, ask the produce department for Fresh Poultry Herbs (see below)and they will help you find them.)  Not only do you stuff this finely chopped mixture in the bird, but slice open the skin and slide the mixture between the skin and the meat in several areas. (Note: The last time I prepared this recipe, after inserting the mixture into the slices, I took sharp toothpicks and "sutured" the openings back up, it helped hold in even more moisture)

The next morning place the bird in a roasting pan on a turkey rack patted with chunks of butter, put it in the oven at recommended temperature on the turkey degrees for 2 hours.  Now, take the turkey off the rack, put whole carrots, chunks of red and green bell peppers in the pan with three cans of chicken broth.  Sit the turkey breast side up in the pan on top of the vegetables and put it back in the oven for the remainder of time it should be done in according to weight, or until the tender timer pops up.

Pretty simple, but very moist, juicy and tasty. Wow your friends and family, they'll love it!! Coming soon the family favorite stuffing recipe.
*I just picked up the Fresh Poultry Herbs from Walmart and they are packages as POULTRY BLEND, the herbs include: Rosemary, Sage and Marjoram. If you already have these fresh, then you are good to go!

A little more on the preparation as I am currently preparing the turkey, the picture shows the prepared turkey with the pats of butter, also you will see where I sliced the skin and inserted the finely chopped mixture of shallots, garlic and poultry herbs. To insert the mixture I poked my finger into the cuts and separated the skin from the meat and used my finger to spread it around once I had spooned the mixture into the cut.

This year (2011) I am going to attempt to cook the turkey in a Roaster Oven, therefore freeing up the oven for pies, yams and other goodies. Hopefully the Roaster Oven will produce the same mouth-watering moist turkey results. I will let you know how it goes and take a few pictures along the way.
I forgot to take pictures, but we did roast the turkey in the Roaster Oven, my 80 year old mother said that was the most moist turkey she had ever had. The skin didn't have the golden crispy brown look, but the meat was indeed very moist. Everyone in the family agreed to the moistness factor.
I prepared the turkey per the instructions below, then started off with the turkey on the rack . . . heated to 400 degrees for a half hour, then turned it down to 325 for the remainder of the two hours.
I pulled the turkey out using the rack, put in carrots, celery and even some asparagus, I left the turkey on the rack and set it back in, then poured in two boxes of chicken broth. putting around 2/3 of a box in the cavity of the turkey. I left the temp at 325 until the tender timer popped . . . it was juicy, moist and great!!

Please click the pictures below for larger images.

Inserting herbs for a moist turkey
moist turkey herb insertion
Suture the turkey skin for a more moist turkey
Place butter pats for a more tasty moist turkey
Add vegetables after two hours
The finished moist turkey
Preparing to insert herbs
Inserting herb mixture
Sutured skin with a toothpick
Butter pats on the bird
The mid-point. Vegetables added after 2 hours
The finished product

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